Your Blog On Vacation

Everyone should take a vacation now and then, but what do you do with your blog? You’d be surprised with the number of options available to you, each with their individual pros and cons!

Schedule posts before you go. We’re told many times over and over to be consistent in your posting, so this seems like the most obvious choice. But, while an uninterrupted content stream does mean a relatively uninterrupted stream of traffic, it lacks a certain personal touch. Your blog can be whatever you want it to be, however more often than not people come to your site to read about YOU. And you are allowed to take a vacation every now and then, trust me! A twist on this is to schedule special “be back soon” posts. When I recently went on my honeymoon, I scheduled a daily post highlighting a different blog to check out and a count down of how many days until I got back!

Go on a break. Your readers like to think of you as a person. Perhaps you’ve even developed some friendships with them, like me! So when you go on vacation, it can be natural for your blog to take a break as well. However, a gap in your content can cause a drop in readership, and the longer the vacation, the bigger the drop. Are you willing to take that risk? If so, definitely let your readers know when you’ll be back!

Post pieces while on vacation. Sometimes you just have to keep blogging. You love sharing that much! Take your readers on vacation with you; post your site seeing outfit pictures, shots of delicious meals and beautiful scenery and fun things you tried and recommend. But be sure to take the time to enjoy your break!

Enlist guest bloggers. My personal favorite, get some of your blogger friends to fill in for you! It builds relationships with other blogs, provides your readers with fun, new points of view and keeps them coming back to your site while you’re gone. Don’t know where to begin? Just post to CapFABB forum and you’ll surely get some bites!

No matter what option you try, one thing stands true: be sure to put up some pictures on your blog once you get back. I’d love to see them!

Vyque is the voice behind Fasshonaburu. Check out her blog here.

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